In-Car Fundraisers

Since we can't bring the Bergman Community together for an in-person auction event, we're bringing some events to you!!

On Wednesday the 26th, Thursday the 27th and Friday the 28th we will be featuring two fundraising opportunities that you can participate in without leaving your car!

Bubbles & Bling and the Wine Pull. 

These events will take place at the following times:

Wednesday Events:

3-4pm at home of Stacey Johnson

Bubbles & Bling and Wine Pull

(see below for information)

Thursday Events:

8am-9am in Carline

Bubbles & Bling and Wine Pull


12-1pm at home of Stacey Johnson

Bubbles & Bling and Wine Pull

(see below for information)

Friday Events:

8am-9am in Carline

Bubbles & Bling and Wine Pull


Here's how it will work!

The two events will premiere on Wednesday afternoon at the home of Stacey and Scott Johnson. After you pick up your student head over the their home near the corner of 42nd and Grand to participate in both events. See below for more information on this option.

On Thursday and Friday morning after you drop your student(s) off you will be given the opportunity to stay to the right and continue down the hill in your vehicle. Or to head to the left and participate in the two events. To participate in these two events you will not have to get out of your car.


There will be stations set up for the events. As you drive by a station you can choose to participate in one of the events or both events. 


If you'd like to participate in Bubbles & Bling you will give your $20 to a Bergman volunteer and will receive a bag with your bubbles & bling in it. See below for the description of what will be in the bag.


If  participating in the Wine Pull you will give your $20 to a Bergman volunteer and they will ask if you'd like a tan or a red burlap sack. In that sack will be a mystery bottle of wine. 

Please note we can only accept CASH. In an effort to keep the line moving we please ask that you have your $20 or $40 in hand and ready to go. 

Please note that all volunteers will be wearing masks and will follow social distancing guidelines.

If you're a family that doesn't participate in carline, or if you don't have the cash on hand needed at the time, there is an offsite location where you can participate in both events as well. This location is at the home of Stacey and Scott Johnson. Their home is located near the corner of 42nd and Grand, just a few blocks away from from the school. They have a circular driveway and therefore the process will run similar to carline. Masks will also be worn at this location. See the days and times listed above for this option. Please note that address information for the Johnson home will come via school communications as the event nears. 

As a reminder, all proceeds raised for these events go directly to our teachers!

Good luck!

Bubbles & Bling

$20 Donation


A mini bottle of bubbly

and commemorative glass

A Chance to win a

$400 Tiffany's Gift Card

For $20 you will receive a mini bottle of bubbly and a commemorative SipSlide & Click 2020 wine glass. AND you will get a chance to win a $400 Tiffany's Gift Card. You will receive a raffle ticket for the Tiffany's Gift Card. The raffle winner will be announced during our live Zoom event. 

Good luck!

A big thank you to Michael and Kimberly Krantz for donating the bubbles, and to the anonymous Bergman family for donating the Tiffany bling! 

Wine Pull

$20 Donation

For $20 you will get to choose a MYSTERY bottle of wine. You pick either a tan or red burlap sack and we'll give you a corresponding mystery bottle. Will you get a GOOD bottle of red, or a GREAT bottle of white? Donate $20 and try your luck!

Thank you to all of the Bergman families who donated wine!

Mystery bottle of wine